Acupuncture in 2024. New technology in your practice.

Track Your Patient's Progress with the Ultimate Acupuncture Testing Device.

For those who combine the power of ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine with modern holistic approach there should be a device to show your patients health improvement, differences before/after your treatment. And not just that. For each acupuncturist there should be an easy way to see how therapy is working on specific patient.

Expert Insights: How Long Does it Take to Heal? A Closer Look at Patient Visits

How many visits do I need? Number one question from most of the patients.

It`s almost impossible to tell how many visits your patient might need. Most doctors will tell from 5 to 10 visits. Depends on how long your client was in pain before he decided to come and visit you, how acute the process, how young the patient is, etc.

But don`t you want to know more about your patient current health state, literally in 5 minutes! Know if there is stress involved, mental state of your client, psycho-emotional state, energy capacity, vegetative regulation balance, you can see where is the main energy blockage located. What is the weakest meridian out of 12. You can even see true biological age of the patient.

This is all possible in 2024 and you have to take an advantage of it.


Visualize Your Health Journey with Engaging Graphics.

Visual graphics will help patients make sense out of their current health situation and direct attention to the problem that their acupuncturist is going to focus on.

It will increase the possibilities that patients will understand the process of healing and will be able to measure the success of treatment.

Visuals and numbers of the examination motivates patient to continue their treatment until they achive 100%.





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